Tick and Tick-borne Zoonosis Lab

School of Public Health, Indiana University-Bloomington

The core activities in karoolab revolve around the following goals:

  1. Active and Passive surveillance of ticks and tick-borne microbes of public health importance,
  2. Developing tailored and targeted interventions for preventing tick exposure and tick-borne illness,
  3. Training vector control staff on competencies for conducting tick prevention and control strategies,
  4. Building sustainable public health programs that test and monitor ticks and tick-borne microbes,
  5. Genomic evolution.

Are you interested in enhancing your knowledge of public health, vector-borne disease ecology and tick-borne diseases? Do you identify as a person of color? If yes is your answer, the Public Health Entomology Access Program (PHEAP) may just be the right program for you.